UPDATE: (All of the "History" section of each personnel should remain "[REDACTED]" until further notice, as well as "Notes" unless given permission)


The following information is mandatory for the creation of your personnel file. If your personnel file does not contain the following, it will be deleted. Repeated or severe offenses will result in termination. Captions should be in capitol letters and in bold print. Your file MUST show little to no grammatical/spelling errors.

Title your file the name of your personnel. Eg: Dr. Winkle

IMAGE: (Optional, but it is recommended to add in an image of your ROBLOXian Avatar to the side of the personnel file representing the individual)

NAME: (Your title should not reveal the full name of your personnel. It is suggested that writers create a title revealing the last/surname along with a title. Eg: Dr. Winkle. Agent. Winkle. Prof. Winkle. Mr. Winkle. Mrs. Winkle.)

SECURITY CLEARANCE: (Level-0 - O5 Command are the only clearances which may be used. If creating a file for yourself, provide your actual clearance. When creating an NPC, choose whatever you would like.)

RACE: (Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, etc. Personnel are NOT alien species. Choose from an existing race.)

AGE: (It is suggested that one uses blackout or redacts their age, though this is not mandatory. Please be realistic! We suggest ages 19 - 105.)

INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT: (Do not abbreviate this as IQ. Please be realistic! Personnel have different positions; researcher, guard, ethicist. Accurately reflect your personnel's position through this. Higher levels tend to have higher intelligence quotients.)

OCCUPATION(S): (Accurately reflect which departments your personnel is in. Someone in the Ethics Committee could be shown as: Human Resources or Personnel Advisement.)

LOCATION(S): (Whatever current position(s) your personnel is currently stationed at. Titles include: Site-25, Area-52, Unit-99.)

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): (Whatever position(s) your personnel was previously stationed at.)

STATUS: (Deceased, Missing, and Active are your three options.)


(A line should divide this section from the one above it.)

HISTORY: (Describe how your personnel came to be in the Foundation and claimed the ranks they hold. This section can take a little while. If you're still thinking on what to write or do not have time fill in this space with: [REDACTED].

PROFILE: (Briefly describe your personnel.)


(A line should divide this section from the one above it.)

NOTES: (Anything noteworthy about your personnel. "Dr. Winkle has extreme hemophobia. They should not be exposed to any violence to ensure their mental and physical well being.)

Personnel files will be categorized in either NPC or Player files.

-Overseer of Foundation Database, Colms