NAME: Mr. ████ Woe


RACE: Asian

AGE: 59


OCCUPATION(S): Janitor, Food Court Staff

LOCATION(S): Site-30


STATUS: Active


HISTORY: Mr. Woe was originally spotted by Agent ███████ during a gathering at ██████ Hall in ███████, California. Due to Woe's lack of money and need of employment, Agent ███████ proposed the idea that he was employed as a janitor at Site-03-4 which was badly in need of maintenance at the time.

Mr. Woe, who was provided minor information, accepted the position. During his first week, Mr. Woe was partnered with Mr. Coltan. They were provided Level-0 clearance for their outstanding performance and employed full time within the Foundation.

Mr. Woe and Mr. Coltan were in charge of repairing the door leading into SCP-███, when the Chaos Insurgency breached the site. Mr. Coltan was trampled during the evacuation and confirmed dead after the indecent. Mr. Woe was safely evacuated with minor injuries.

Mr. Woe saw multiple breached anomalies during that time-frame. Termination was discussed among the O5 Council, but the idea was soon discarded. Mr. Woe was provided Level-1 clearance and briefed on the Foundation's real purpose. Soon afterwards, he was moved to Site-30. Mr. Woe will stay at Site-30 until Site-03-4 is fully repaired.

Mr. Woe was provided a position working as janitorial staff in Site-30's food court after being relocated. Site-03-4's reconstruction was cancelled. Mr. Woe has been informed he will remain at Site-30 for the foreseeable future.

Mr. Woe's position has been under consideration ever since he was moved. Due to a lengthy debate, O5-██ has concluded that Mr. Woe will advance to Level-2 and be moved into the [REDACTED] Department on the date, ██/██/20██.

Profile: Mr. Woe has been in the Foundation for ██ years. He has been actively on-site during 1 containment breach. Though minor wounds were recorded, Mr. Woe was injured by a bomb shell activating near him. Many of his colleges report he never acted quite the same again. It is thought that he may still be in a state of aftershock ever since the indecent.


Notes: The ██/██/20██ Chaos Insurgency raid at Site-03-4 should not be mentioned to Mr. Woe at any times.

No personnel should reference Mr. Coltan in any way to Mr. Woe.

Mr. Woe should not be informed of his pending Level-2 clearance.