NAME: Dr. Malfrous


Doctor Malfrous Original-28476177

Doctor Malfrous, photo taken ██/██/████.

RACE: Hispanic

AGE: ██



OCCUPATION(S): Assistant Researcher

LOCATION(S): Site-79, Site-24-2, Area-72

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-40, Site-40-2, Area-██, Site-24, Site-██, Site-95

STATUS: Active


HISTORY: Originating from ███, █████, Dr. ████ Malfrous was the second son of the veteran staff member, Dr. ███ Malfrous. He led a life of simplicity with his mother and older sister, his father at work for a great portion of Malfrous's life.

At age nine, just after his parent's divorce, his father was killed by SCP-██. His sister of twenty-one cared for him until his early 20's, when the Foundation approached Malfrous, requesting that he take his father's place. Having learned his father's killer, Malfrous developed an unhealthy hatred for SCP-██.

Allowed the rank of L-1 and a seat at the Scientific Department's table, Dr. Malfrous met many friends that he would soon consider family. He had seen the low points and the high points of the Foundation in his career, realizing much has changed since when he had first joined. Slowly climbing the ranks as he proved capable, Dr. ████ Malfrous found himself at L-4 ranking, where he would remain very briefly. See 'Incident Log ██-B' for details.

He is currently at L-2 ranking, slowly regaining his footing. The deaths of a majority of his friends and his troubled past have reduced Dr. Malfrous to an unstable and masked scientist, scarred both physically and mentally.

PROFILE: Dr. Malfrous's career spans many years - though he tends to appear on-site randomly in recent years, which brings to question if Dr. Malfrous's past haunts him as he steps through the cold halls of any Foundation facility. He is mentally scarred, and reports of injury caused by SCP- ██ has only made matters worse.

He has had extensive care which has proved to assist in his mental stability. The remnants of his family no longer contact or visit Dr. Malfrous, and is left to himself as those he knew as friends were dead or have gone on to greater things.



Malfrous has always been mentally attached to his mask. The reason for this is unknown, but is always seen wearing it.

Upon mentioning of SCP-██, Dr. Malfrous would usually enter a fit of anger or confusion. He had once been noted to freeze in place upon it's mentioning, only to say 'Where am I?' when recovering seconds after.

Dr. Malfrous has been considered 'missing' multiple times, as his activity has declined recently.

When on-site, he would very rarely do anything of interest, rather than drink coffee silently in the corner of the cafeteria, not interacting with anyone nearby. He would test and experiment, but usually does so alone or with trusted assosciates