Dr Drago

Dr. Drago, photo taken in ██/██/████

NAME: Dr. ███ Drago


RACE: Caucasian

AGE: ██


OCCUPATION(S): Senior Researcher, Security Lieutenant, Specialized Staff Member

LOCATION(S): Site-79, Site-24-2, Area-72, Site-92

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-40, Site-40-2, Area-██, Site-24, Site-95, Site-██

STATUS: Active



PROFILE: Dr. Drago, being a senior in the Foundation has been in the organization for estimated amount of █ years. During the years, he had faced with over 14 incidents, whenever it's a security lockdown or a containment breach, he survived them all to this day. Records show reports of mental trauma after the events of expeditions in the depths of SCP-███, and other various fields such as witnessing deaths of his own colleagues, resulting in dreadful flashbacks and even nightmares. He is said to seen personnel such as Dr. Malfrous (who is somehow still in good health after reported incidents of being [REDACTED] during a breach of SCP-███) and Woods, both being killed in action after the events of both security lockdowns and containment breaches, two of his closest friends in the Foundation.

Drago, being one of the more ''laid-back'' staff members of the SCP Foundation, is known for cracking jokes and pulling pranks on-site. As usual, he is quite humorous and ''immature'' as some personnel call him, but whenever needed, he's focused on whichever objective is in process, whenever it's Scientific related or a Security issue, he'll be serious. But due to mental trauma (and alcohol) he may seem to be a bit ''insane'' in periods of uncontrollable rage or depression. In conclusion, you'll regret meeting him.