Dr Clams

Dr. Colms, photo taken in ██/██/████

NAME: Dr. ████ Colms


RACE: Caucasian

AGE: ██


OCCUPATION(S): Head Researcher, Security Council, Operation Staff

LOCATION(S): Site-79, Site-24-2, Area-72

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-40, Site-40-2, Area-██, Site-24, Site-95, Site-██

STATUS: Active


HISTORY: [REDACTED] Dr. Colms' history is currently going under revisions. Please remain patient.

PROFILE: Dr. Colms has been in the foundation at this time, for ██ years. It is recorded that Dr. Colms has been actively on site during 17 containment breaches. Dr. Colms medical records indicate small amounts of mental trauma. Dr. Colms has witnessed the death of several personnel during these incidents, including Dr. ██████, Dr. Klacoi, and Dr.████████.

Dr. Colms younger brother and sister, Mr. ██████ Colms and Dr. ████ Colms have also obtained jobs within the foundation. They are both currently active at Site-██. Dr. Colms is currently leading Research Team Campana-1. Research Team Campana-1 is currently not undergoing tests. Experiments will begin on the date ██/█/████.


NOTES: Dr. Colms continues to show signs of mental trauma. Minorly erratic behavior, and lack of emotion are to be considered usual.

Dr. Colms has revealed an extensive case of arachnophobia. He has requested never to come in contact with SCP-1006.

It is advised that Dr. Klacoi is not mentioned to Dr. Colms. ████████ ███ ██████ ████ ██████ █████ ███ █████ ██ ███████████.

If Dr. Colms expresses any out of usual actions please do not regard to Site Command. Dr. Colms siblings are both currently active at Site-██.

On the date of ██/██/20██ Dr. Colms made the act of dying a strand of his hair pink. The scientific uniform committee retaliated, planning to punish the action. Dr. Colms was able to override their command after ███████████ █████████ █████ ███████. New members of the scientific uniform committee are asked to ignore it. Due to a lengthy request from the committee, Dr. Colms has agreed to follow their requests while on duty.