NAME: Director Charlie Garlic


RACE: Caucasian 

AGE: 54


OCCUPATION(S): Director of Site-95

LOCATION(S): Site-95


STATUS: Deceased


HISTORY: Charlie Garlic joined the Foundation on █/██/19██. He was recruited and positioned in the Foundation for his proven leadership skills and roles in the USA's ████ ███████████. He was stationed as a Site Director in training at Site-06. It was at Site-06 that Director Koughman and Director Lane taught Charlie Garlic all the skills he needed to know for his future role. 

On the date ██/██/19██, Charlie made the action of removing Agent █████ from Site-06 due to suspicious behavior. This action was not supervised by Director Koughman. As it turned out, Agent █████ was recruited from the Chaos Insurgency and was meant to execute Dr. ███████ for ██████████. Due to the positive action, Director Lane shortened his required days in training. 

On the date █/█/19██, Charlie Garlic was rewarded with the title of Director and was moved to Site-95. Director Koughman was to stay with him the first month of his recruitment as a Director to make sure the job was done correctly. One week into the month, Director. Koughman expired due to old age. Director Lane was to substitute for him. Director Garlic passed the month and was left to manage the Site to his own accord. 

No incidents occurred until ██/██/20██, when Garlic had to manage his first containment breach. It was managed improperly causing several lives to be lost including his wife Allison Garlic. Director Garlic was openly distressed during this time as he lost his wives life, several other lives, and was now an only parent to his young daughter. Garlic made the decision to keep his daughter away from the Foundation so she could live her own life. 

On the date of ██/██/20██, Director Garlic accepted an anomaly to be shipped to Site-95 without any research done. Garlic was confirmed working for the GOI: █████-███ days later. Placing the anomaly within a weakened area of the site deliberately, he caused deaths of over three hundred personnel. During the breach- he himself was found dead in the woods outside of Site-95. He was killed by a bullet through the skull. The user of the weapon is still not known to date.