NAME: Kato Tanak

Outfit 34-34722693


RACE: Asian

AGE: ██


OCCUPATION(S): Security Agent

LOCATION(S): Site-05

PREVIOUS LOCATION(S): Site-67, Site-██-█

STATUS: Active


HISTORY: Kato Tanak was recruited on ██/█/████. He had been watched for two years prior and was noted for his academic achievements and high intelligence quotient. Director Lane encouraged Tanak to become active in the Scientific Department, but Tanak expressed interest in Security instead. He joined the department on ██/█/████. The current director offered him low expectations. Despite this, Tanak turned out to be a top performer in ranged and melee combat.

He was later stationed at Site-67 where he remained for two years. Tanak worked with Cole Smith during this time. Although, Smith ranked up quickly leaving Tanak with his new partner, Agent ███████. Staff have noted Tanak still spent much time around Smith. He was placed in live combat during a massive invasion of the site planned by the Chaos Insurgency and other hostile groups of interest on ██/█/████.

After becoming one of the few survivors to this event, Tanak offered his services in a cleanup of the site. He was noted for this kind action. After the loss of Mr. Smith and Agent ███████, Tanak relocated to Site-05 along with another survivor of the invasion, Magnolia Mito.

PROFILE: Agent Tanak's profile is currently going under revisions. Please remain patient.